The Journey to No Kill

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When I came to the Allegany County Animal Shelter as a Volunteer for the first time in the middle of December 2010, little did I know about Animal Shelters or No Kill. All I knew was the fact that I came to protect and save the animals. I met Jodi and learned very quick the terrible history of the Shelter, that every 2 hours an animal was killed in that Shelter dispite the fact that there always was enough room. I learned about Nathan Winograd and the No Kill Equation. I also learned about the Powers and the Status Quo that tried to continue and maintain the killing.
Today I know that just reading and trying to follow the No Kill Equation alone is not enough to stop the killing. It takes people. People that believe in what they are doing and people that have the will to stand up against the Status Quo and fight for what they believe in. Every Shelter is different and with it’s own unique configuration and setup. But what never changes are the people. As long there are people that stand up for what they believe in, every thing is possible. Just one person, with one step, can stop the killing.
Another very important thing to become a No Kill Shelter is the support of the Community. It will not work without the Community support. The support can be in many different forms, donations, volunteering or just supporting the Shelter with voicing support for No Kill.
Today the Allegany County Animal Shelter has a save rate of at least 93% for the last 8 month. Is it a No Kill Shelter? Did we win? No, we did not win. We did stop the killing but legally, as per County Code, the killing still is legal and can resume at any time. It is necessary for us to change the County Code in order to fully protect the animals and stop the killing once and for all. I believe that we can archive this goal together with the support of the Allegany County Community. We will continue to fight and educate the public about No Kill and how to save and protect the animals.