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Update to the needless death of #830892 in Roanoke, VA

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This is an update to my previous story about the death of #830892 at the RCACP in Roanoke, VA, which can be found here.

According to an official statement by RCACP’s own Director of Shelter Operations, Vicky Roller, #830892 was a case of “mistaken identity” and that it was not the pregnant dog as it was identified before by people inside the RCACP. Miss Roller then continued with statements that #830892 was aggressive and had several medical issues. According to statements from a source inside the RCACP #830892 did not show any aggressive behavior. Miss Roller’s statement also leaves the question open if #830892 was seen by a Veterinarian or not.

In order to verify the information given by the Director of Shelter Operations, members of the Roanoke No Kill Coalition filed a FOIA request regarding #830892 with the RCACP. The FOIA request was denied by Mr. Bill Watson, Manager of the RCACP.

The RCACP is a kill shelter in Roanoke, VA  using killing as population control. Miss Vicky Roller, of course, is blaming the public and using that as excuse for the killings that are taking place every week:

This dedicated staff does the job no one wants to admit is necessary, no one else wants to do, but until the public becomes responsible pet owners, learns respect for the lives of their pets and stops seeing them as disposable, it will continue to exist. Until pet owners see spay/neuter and proper medical care as an automatic part of pet ownership, overpopulation will continue and the numbers of animals ending up in facilities such as RCACP, will continue to be overwhelming.

Miss Roller, there is another way. Many other open admission animal shelter have chosen a different way and followed the proven method as it is outlined here.


The needless death of #830892 in Roanoke, VA

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Roanoke, VA has a quiet interesting setup when it comes to Animal Shelter and Animal Control. On one site there is the Regional Center for Animal Control & Protection, a municipal open admission Shelter. Right next door is the Roanoke Valley SPCA, a limited admission “No Kill Shelter”. Both entities are overseen by the same person: Executive Director Bill Watson. This setup is more than questionable and a setup for failure in so many ways. As example, a person is adopting a dog from the Roanoke Valley SPCA. After 2 weeks the person finds out that the dog is not a good fit for the family and is returning the dog to the Roanoke Valley SPCA. Chance are that the dog will not be accepted by the Roanoke Valley ASPCA and sent next door to the Regional Center for Animal Control & Protection, a high kill Shelter. The dog now has a chance of about 50% to survive the next 7 days. If the dog is lucky, he will be send over to the Roanoke Valley SPCA again.

Another example of failure is the needless death of #830892, a white Pit Bull mix that came to the  Regional Center for Animal Control & Protection as a stray on 1/7/2012. People close to the  RCACP pointed out that a “Lost Dog” flyer was seen and the description fitted exactly #830892. On the flyer it also was said that the dog was pregnant. There also was an e-mail address on the flyer and attempts were made to contact the person but unfortunately the person never answered any e-mails. #830892 was killed with her unborn puppies in the morning hours of  1/23/2012. She never was given a name, she never was offered a Foster home.  She never was given a chance. She died lonely and quietly behind the closed doors at the  Regional Center for Animal Control & Protection like thousands other before her. It would have been easy to safe her and all the other animals. Many other open admission animal shelter in the US are doing it by following a simple 10 step program and saving the lives of many thousand animals every year. When will Roanoke, VA follow and close the Slaughterhouse?

Please feel free to voice your opinion to stop the senseless killing in Roanoke, VA:

Roanoke County, VA
Clay Goodman

Botetourt County, VA
Gerald A. Burgess

Roanoke City, VA
Chris Morrill

Vinton, VA
Chris Lawrence





Dirty Deeds (Done Dirt Cheap)

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Yesterday afternoon I attended the board meeting of the Allegany County Animal Shelter Control Board. After 5 minutes the goal of the meeting became very clear to everybody that attended the meeting: the assassination of a passionate Animal Shelter manager and forcing it’s own (kill) agenda on to the animal shelter.  At no point in time during the meeting was the Board interested in hearing about the accomplishments and progress the shelter has made. It was very clear that the Board was trying to paint a dirty picture and deliver it to the public which was done through Bryan Gowans form WCBC Radio. The Chair of the Board, Peggy Mcdaniel, and her sidekick Dianne Care, who is not a member of the Board but always acting like one, conducted the meeting like a court hearing at Guantanamo Bay.  Pictures, stories and people were prepared before the meeting in order to assassinate the Shelter manager and everything he stands for, same for the Shelter employees and the Volunteers at the Shelter.

A Dirty Deed Done Dirt Cheap!

The Shelter Board is suppose to be functioning as a neutral link between the public, the animal shelter and the County Government. Yesterday the board was neither neutral nor a link and lost all credibility and respect. It was a first class puppet show with the goal to destroy the animal shelter and with it the hard and passionate work of many people. It is very clear that this board it is not about the animals, it is about staying in power and status quo. The following  e-mail was send to the County Commissioners asking to abolish or dismiss the Board:

Dear County Commissioners,

today I attended a animal shelter control board meeting which took place in the County building at Mexico Farms. The meeting lasted more than 2 hours and basically consisted of attacking the animal shelter, attacking and bad mouthing employees of the animal shelter and attacking the manager of the animal shelter. Most of the attacks and criticism was created and orchestrated by the Chair of the Board, Peggy Mcdaniel, and Dianne Care who always seems to be functioning as part of the Board although she is not a official Board member. As example, a Cumberland resident made comments to the Board members that the shelter did not know how many animals were taken in and where all the animals went. It would have been easy for the Chair of the Board to answer the resident’s question since she had the shelter statistic from the last 12 month right in front of her. Instead, she chose not to correct the resident’s statement. At no point in time during the meeting was anything positive said about the Shelter and it was very clear that the board was not really interested in hearing about any accomplishments or progress that was made by the shelter manager, Mr. Brubaker.
It also should be noted that WCBC’s Bryan Gowans attended the meeting after receiving a “special invitation”.
It is my understanding that the Board should act as link between the Allegany County Animal Shelter and the County Commissioners. I understand that the Board only has a advisory role but common sense also tells me that the Board should act as a neutral entity between the Shelter and the County Commissioners. It was very clear today that this Board is not neutral and is trying to push it’s own agenda on to the animal shelter.
I can very easy sum up today’s Board meeting and say: the meeting was a setup with the goal to discredit the animal shelter, the employees of the animal shelter, the volunteers of the animal shelter and the manager of the animal shelter.
In the meeting on 7/13/2011 the Chair of the Board, Peggy Mcdaniel, stated the following;
 “the board was a county creation, with board members appointed by the county, but the commissioners can abolish the board if they wished to changing county law.”

I hereby ask the Commissioners of Allegany County to abolish or dismiss the current Board and replace the Board with new members because it does no longer serve the intended purpose.
Best Regards
Peter Masloch

Please feel free to make use of below contact information and voice your opinion:

Allegany County Commissioners:,

WCBC Radio:


Talkline: 301-722-8255

10 minutes, or how we failed Lucy

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On December 27th, Ms Nott walked in to the Shelter of the Kansas Humane Society in Wichita to surrender Lucy, her 10 month old yellow lab. Lucy had some behavior issues like many other puppies of her age. As Ms Nott walked out the door and back to her car, she realized that she made a mistake and went back inside the building to retrieve her dog. A staff member of the Kansas Humane Society told her that it was too late, Lucy already had been euthanized. Only 10 minutes have gone by from the time Ms Nott left the building until she went back. Lucy died the moment Ms Nott reached her car outside the building. The Kansas Humane Society never gave Lucy a chance. No evaluation was done. Lucy was taken from the front lobby straight to the kill room and injected with Fatal Plus. The Kansas Humane Society failed Lucy and we, the society, failed Lucy. Everybody supporting the kill policies in animal shelters around the country failed Lucy. Where are the moral and ethical standards in US animal shelter policies? What does it say about us, the society, when we allow the killing of 4 million companion animals every year? What does it say about our moral and ethics? I believe we have a responsibility to Lucy and the 4 million other companion animals that are being killed in our so called animal shelters. They are part of our society, we introduced them to our society and it is our responsibility to build a safety net for the animals. Mark Barone, painter and No Kill ambassador, makes it very clear with An Act of Dog. It would take Mark 2 years to paint the pictures of dogs that are being killed in our animals shelters around the country in just 1 day. Many animal shelters around the country have already shown that there is another way. Rejecting killing as solution and implementing No Kill policies will create the needed safety net for all the Lucy’s. We, as a society, have a moral and ethical responsibility to make sure that the many other Lucy’s can have a second chance. As a society, we need to stand up and reject the needless killing in our animal shelters and implement No Kill policies nation wide. It is the only moral and ethical right thing to do. We owe it to Lucy.