10 minutes, or how we failed Lucy

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On December 27th, Ms Nott walked in to the Shelter of the Kansas Humane Society in Wichita to surrender Lucy, her 10 month old yellow lab. Lucy had some behavior issues like many other puppies of her age. As Ms Nott walked out the door and back to her car, she realized that she made a mistake and went back inside the building to retrieve her dog. A staff member of the Kansas Humane Society told her that it was too late, Lucy already had been euthanized. Only 10 minutes have gone by from the time Ms Nott left the building until she went back. Lucy died the moment Ms Nott reached her car outside the building. The Kansas Humane Society never gave Lucy a chance. No evaluation was done. Lucy was taken from the front lobby straight to the kill room and injected with Fatal Plus. The Kansas Humane Society failed Lucy and we, the society, failed Lucy. Everybody supporting the kill policies in animal shelters around the country failed Lucy. Where are the moral and ethical standards in US animal shelter policies? What does it say about us, the society, when we allow the killing of 4 million companion animals every year? What does it say about our moral and ethics? I believe we have a responsibility to Lucy and the 4 million other companion animals that are being killed in our so called animal shelters. They are part of our society, we introduced them to our society and it is our responsibility to build a safety net for the animals. Mark Barone, painter and No Kill ambassador, makes it very clear with An Act of Dog. It would take Mark 2 years to paint the pictures of dogs that are being killed in our animals shelters around the country in just 1 day. Many animal shelters around the country have already shown that there is another way. Rejecting killing as solution and implementing No Kill policies will create the needed safety net for all the Lucy’s. We, as a society, have a moral and ethical responsibility to make sure that the many other Lucy’s can have a second chance. As a society, we need to stand up and reject the needless killing in our animal shelters and implement No Kill policies nation wide. It is the only moral and ethical right thing to do. We owe it to Lucy.