The needless death of #830892 in Roanoke, VA

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Roanoke, VA has a quiet interesting setup when it comes to Animal Shelter and Animal Control. On one site there is the Regional Center for Animal Control & Protection, a municipal open admission Shelter. Right next door is the Roanoke Valley SPCA, a limited admission “No Kill Shelter”. Both entities are overseen by the same person: Executive Director Bill Watson. This setup is more than questionable and a setup for failure in so many ways. As example, a person is adopting a dog from the Roanoke Valley SPCA. After 2 weeks the person finds out that the dog is not a good fit for the family and is returning the dog to the Roanoke Valley SPCA. Chance are that the dog will not be accepted by the Roanoke Valley ASPCA and sent next door to the Regional Center for Animal Control & Protection, a high kill Shelter. The dog now has a chance of about 50% to survive the next 7 days. If the dog is lucky, he will be send over to the Roanoke Valley SPCA again.

Another example of failure is the needless death of #830892, a white Pit Bull mix that came to the  Regional Center for Animal Control & Protection as a stray on 1/7/2012. People close to the  RCACP pointed out that a “Lost Dog” flyer was seen and the description fitted exactly #830892. On the flyer it also was said that the dog was pregnant. There also was an e-mail address on the flyer and attempts were made to contact the person but unfortunately the person never answered any e-mails. #830892 was killed with her unborn puppies in the morning hours of  1/23/2012. She never was given a name, she never was offered a Foster home.  She never was given a chance. She died lonely and quietly behind the closed doors at the  Regional Center for Animal Control & Protection like thousands other before her. It would have been easy to safe her and all the other animals. Many other open admission animal shelter in the US are doing it by following a simple 10 step program and saving the lives of many thousand animals every year. When will Roanoke, VA follow and close the Slaughterhouse?

Please feel free to voice your opinion to stop the senseless killing in Roanoke, VA:

Roanoke County, VA
Clay Goodman

Botetourt County, VA
Gerald A. Burgess

Roanoke City, VA
Chris Morrill

Vinton, VA
Chris Lawrence