Update to the needless death of #830892 in Roanoke, VA

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This is an update to my previous story about the death of #830892 at the RCACP in Roanoke, VA, which can be found here.

According to an official statement by RCACP’s own Director of Shelter Operations, Vicky Roller, #830892 was a case of “mistaken identity” and that it was not the pregnant dog as it was identified before by people inside the RCACP. Miss Roller then continued with statements that #830892 was aggressive and had several medical issues. According to statements from a source inside the RCACP #830892 did not show any aggressive behavior. Miss Roller’s statement also leaves the question open if #830892 was seen by a Veterinarian or not.

In order to verify the information given by the Director of Shelter Operations, members of the Roanoke No Kill Coalition filed a FOIA request regarding #830892 with the RCACP. The FOIA request was denied by Mr. Bill Watson, Manager of the RCACP.

The RCACP is a kill shelter in Roanoke, VA  using killing as population control. Miss Vicky Roller, of course, is blaming the public and using that as excuse for the killings that are taking place every week:

This dedicated staff does the job no one wants to admit is necessary, no one else wants to do, but until the public becomes responsible pet owners, learns respect for the lives of their pets and stops seeing them as disposable, it will continue to exist. Until pet owners see spay/neuter and proper medical care as an automatic part of pet ownership, overpopulation will continue and the numbers of animals ending up in facilities such as RCACP, will continue to be overwhelming.

Miss Roller, there is another way. Many other open admission animal shelter have chosen a different way and followed the proven method as it is outlined here.