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Looking like a Pit Bull can get you killed in Maryland (Update2)

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Update 2:

Many Counties in the State of Maryland have already or will reinstate Pit Bull adoptions. Frederick County seems to be leading the way in Maryland after the Commissioners from Frederick County released this Statement.

The County Government of Allegany County still is reviewing the ruling of the MD Court of Appeals and has not released a Statement yet.

The trickle down effect still has not reached the bottom. As example, how will PETCO or PetSmart act of this ruling since they allow Pets inside the the Stores or how will it effect Dog Groomers and Dog Boarding Facilities.

Please continue to write your elected State officials. You can find the proper e-mail address at the end of this Blog.


BREAKING: There are at least two groups of Attorney’s who are interested in filing a “Motion for Reconsideration” or contacting Legislator. None of the lawyers want to go on record at this point, once the Motion is filed they need at least two judges to agree with it.

I will continue to update as soon news come in.

According to a ruling from the Maryland Court of Appeals on 4/26/12, looking like a Pit Bull could get your dog in a lot of trouble. It even could mean that your dog is getting killed just because he looks like a Pit Bull type dog. The ruling is very vague about the breed. It stated “Pit Bull type dogs and cross-bred Pit Bulls”. To be very clear, Pit Bull itself is not even a breed, it is a group of breeds. Unfortunately, not even the American Kennel Club acknowledges this group of breeds. Under the new ruling from the Maryland Court of Appeals, every Pit Bull type dog is automatically considered inherently dangerous. The ruling  of the Maryland Court of Appeals leaves more questions than it gives answers. As example,  many Pit Bull type dogs are used as trained service dogs and certified therapy dogs. We don’t know yet how hospitals and nursing homes, as example, will react of that ruling. Will this be the end for Pit Bull type therapy dogs in the State of Maryland? Where does it leave the people with disabilities who have a Pit Bull type dog as registered service dog? What about the cross-bred Pit Bull? Let’s say you have a Boxer/Pit Bull mix, how many percent of Pit Bull in your Boxer is ok? 20%? 30%? 40%? What is the cut off rate for your Landlord to not kick you out of your house because you own a Pit Bull looking dog?

The American Temperament Test Society is maintaining a huge database regarding dogs and their temperament which is sorted by dog breed. I would like to encourage everybody to take a look at this database and compare Pit Bull type dogs with other breeds.

We don’t know yet how far reaching the trickle down effect of the ruling actually will be. What will it mean for municipal open admission shelters in the State of Maryland? How will it affect the adoption rate and further more, how will the municipal government react of the ruling?

Let me be very clear, responsible dog owner ship is very important and dog owners need to be held responsible for bite incidents. It is not the dogs fault when the owner does not act responsible. I believe that most Pit Bull owners are responsible but yet, they are the ones being punished by the new ruling.

I don’t think this ruling was researched very well by the Judges and it leaves too many question unanswered.

I would like to encourage everybody in the State of Maryland to write to your local Representative. For Allegany County please write to:

George C. Edwards

James Senate Office Building, Room 322

11 Bladen St., Annapolis, MD 21401

(410) 841-3565, (301) 858-3565; 1-800-492-7122, ext. 3565 (toll free)


Wendell R. Beitzel

House Office Building, Room 410B

6 Bladen St., Annapolis, MD 21401

(410) 841-3435, (301) 858-3435 1-800-492-7122, ext. 3435 (toll free)


If you reside in a different County please look up your Representative here.