Saving Private Pit Bull

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In a special session of the General Assembly in Annapolis, MD  on 5/14/12 and 5/15/12, several Legislatures tried to introduce four bills to overturn the ruling of the MD Court of Appeals from 4/26/12 which has re-written common law in MD. Unfortunately the Speaker of the House, Senate President and Governor of MD have not allowed the Bills on the floor for discussion.

On 5/15/12  more than 100 pit bull owners and animal rights activists staged a demonstration outside the Maryland State House in Annapolis. Several legislatures took the time and talked to the attendants indicating that another special session of the General Assembly is planned for August 2012 and that most likely they will be able to introduce bills to the House and Senate.

From the four bills that were made public it is most likely that Bill HB 1804 / SB 1307,  drafted by Delegates Smigiel and Mizeur, will be pushed by animal rights activists and legislatures for introduction and vote in August 2012

At the same time, a group of Attorneys for Statefarm Insurance Company will file a motion to reconsider the Solesky case in the Court of Appeals. The motion has to be filed within 30 days after the ruling which was 4/26/12.

As of today, the Allegany County Animal Shelter is one of very view Animal Shelter in the State of Maryland that still does not allow Pit Bulls and cross-bred Pit Bulls being adopted out. However, it was indicated by officials that adoption may resume soon.

I would like to encourage everybody to write to your elected officials in support of HB 1804 / SB 1307. Please select the legislature for your district here: MDelect 

I also would like to ask everybody to e-mail or call the following people:

President of the Senate Mike Miller 410-841-3700 

Speaker of the House Michael Busch 410-841-3800

Governor O’Malley 410-974-3901