Letter To The Joint Task Force Group

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Subject: MD Court of Appeals ruling (Solesky v. Tracey)

From: Peter <peter1512@gmail.com>
To: Brian.Frosh@senate.state.md.us, Lisa.Gladden@senate.state.md.us, 
	Joseph.Getty@senate.state.md.us, Jamie.Raskin@senate.state.md.us, 
	Norman.Stone@senate.state.md.us, Curt.Anderson@house.state.md.us, 
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Dear Senators and Delegates,

According to the ruling from the Maryland Court of Appeals on 4/26/12, looking like a Pit Bull could get your dog in a lot of trouble in the State of Maryland. The ruling is very vague about the breed. It stated “Pit Bull type dogs and cross-bred Pit Bulls”. To be very clear, Pit Bull itself is not even a breed, it is a group of breeds. Unfortunately, not even the American Kennel Club acknowledges this group of breeds. Under the new ruling from the Maryland Court of Appeals, every Pit Bull type dog is automatically considered inherently dangerous. I have published a extensive study regarding Pit Bull type dogs which can be found here: https://nokillallegany.wordpress.com/2012/05/06/the-needless-fear-of-pit-bull-breeds/.
The ruling  of the Maryland Court of Appeals leaves more questions than it gives answers. As example,  many Pit Bull type dogs are used as trained service dogs and certified therapy dogs. We don’t know yet how hospitals and nursing homes, as example, will react of that ruling. Will this be the end for Pit Bull type therapy dogs in the State of Maryland? Where does it leave the people with disabilities who have a Pit Bull type dog as registered service dog? Will the people who own this dogs be able to continue to take their dogs to a dog groomer, a dog boarding facility or even to a Veterinarian? Many municipal animal shelters are still struggling with the court decision, trying to find answers that will protect them from liability law suits. Take as example the animal shelter I work for in Allegany County. As of today our county government does not allow us to adopt out Pit Bull and cross-bred Pit Bull type dogs. This dogs are now sitting in our shelter with a uncertain future because of the ruling from the MD Court of Appeals.
Many people in the State of Maryland are looking up to you with the hope that you will bring sanity to the uncertainty that was created by the MD Court of Appeals. 
I appreciate everything you do for our animals.
Best Regards

Peter Masloch
No Kill Advocate
15508 Baltimore Pike
Cumberland, MD 21502