Update: Maryland and the inherently dangerous Pit Bulls

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As I reported previously here, The Joint Task Force Group will be meeting on June 19, 2012 in Annapolis, MD for a hearing . Several groups and people are invited to testify:

Maryland SPCA

Animal Farm Foundation

Washington County

Several Attorneys from both sides

The Cult of PeTA (most likely Cult dog behavior specialist Teresa Lynn Chagrin)

Colleen Lynn (sole owner and operator of dogsbite.org)

I would like to point out that everybody can prepare a written statement for the Joint Task Force Group. Please be sure to make 20 copies and come to the session 30 minutes before it begins to hand over your written statement.

I also would like to encourage everybody to continue sending e-mails to:

President of the Senate Mike Miller, thomas.v.mike.miller@senate.state.md.us

Speaker of the House Michael Busch, michael.busch@house.state.md.us

Governor O’Malley,  http://www.governor.maryland.gov/mail/