Update to the Pit Bull ruling in Maryland

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The General Assembly in Maryland will come together for a last session August 9/10 2012. The Joint Task Force Group, a 10 member group that was created after the MD Court of Appeals ruling (Tracey v Solesky), will try to introduce a legislation that will prevent any Breed Specific Legislation that was created by the MD Court of Appeals. The legislation of the Joint Task Force Group, which was drafted after the hearing of the Joint Task Force Group on June 19 2012, will include strict liability for dog owners. Currently Maryland is a minority State for not having this strict liability in place, 33 States across the United States do have the strict liability for dog owners in place. What it simply means is that the dog owner (and only the dog owner) will be held liable for the actions of his dog, regardless of the breed. The strict liability will exclude the liability for Landlords, veterinarians, dog groomers, dog trainers and any other 3rd parties. Removed also will be the “inherently dangerous” section for Pit Bulls.

I urge everybody to contact your elected official and ask to support the legislation of the Joint Task Force Group. You can find your local elected official here