Month: September 2012

The lost dogs of Allegany County

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Almost 90% of all animals that are currently residing at the Allegany County Animal Shelter are stray animals. They are picked up by Animal Control or dropped off by residents who found the animal wandering the streets. The Allegany County Animal Shelter does post pictures and description of all incoming stray animals on it’s Lost & Found Facebook page. The legal holding time for the animals is 5 days which is the time an owner can reclaim the animal. After the 5 day holding time is up the animal will be offered for adoption.

Despite of all efforts, many times the pet can not be re-united with its owner for various reasons. Here are some tips for pet owners how to make it easier for the animal shelter to find the owner of a pet and for the owner to find a lost pet:

  • If you lost your pet in Allegany County, please contact the Allegany County Animal Shelter immediately. Even if your pet is not there, leave your name, phone number and description of your pet. Check back with the animal shelter after 2 or 3 days.
  • Please post a picture of your pet on the Allegany County Animal Shelter Lost & Found Facebook page.
  • Please make sure your pet is wearing a collar with a tag. This can be the County registration tag, rabies tag or a name tag with your address or phone number.
  • Please consider to have your pet micro chipped.

All this can help to identify the owner of a pet and help to re-unite the owner with his pet.  Nothing can be more rewarding to see a lost pet re-united with the owner.