The Touch of No Kill

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As the year is winding down, Allegany County will be celebrating its second year of No Kill.  As we celebrate life itself we also want to remember from where we came. The Allegany County Animal Shelter once was a typical rural  “County Pound” with a kill rate of 86%. In the average every 2 hours a companion animal was killed until a hand full of people stood up to stop the insanity and demanded a change:

Today the average monthly life release rate is 94%. In the last 12 month we had plenty of challenges to overcome. Another kitty season came and went and with its terrible anti Pit Bull ruling the Maryland Court of Appeals challenged our shelter enormously. But in the end life prevailed:

The  Allegany County Animal Shelter Management Foundation started a capital campaign to secure the finances for the new Adoption and Care Center:

The plans have been drawn and we most likely will see the start of  construction in 2013:

Off site adoption events are a big part at any No Kill shelter. The companion animals at the Allegany County Animal Shelter of course travel in style to the events:

The Allegany County Animal Shelter also has many awesome volunteers and sometimes they tend to get excited about what they are doing:

Sometimes it is so easy to save a life. Food, water, blankets and lots of love do the trick:

On other occasions, it seems more complicated but no task is too big in Allegany County:

Terry Durst of American Rent All, and Karl Brubaker, Allegany County Animal Shelter director, pause after rescuing a small kitten from underneath the Crosstown Bridge on Friday afternoon. An employee of Creative Catering heard the cat crying and spotted it about 40 feet above the ground using binoculars. Jen Klingler of Creative Catering decided to rent a lift after being told that animal control and the fire department lacked the equipment to reach the stranded kitten. Upon completion of the rescue, she was told there would be no charge for the lift. Scott Hager of the rental company assisted in the operation. Canal Place maintenance worker Tim Martin had attempted to reach the cat from the top of a 30-foot extension ladder but the kitten ran from him. Klingler named the kitten Coalie and he is in foster care being treated for a cold, according to Brubaker, but will then be ready for adoption.

Happy Birthday, Allegany County Animal Shelter.


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    Allegany County, MD | Out The Front Door said:
    April 16, 2013 at 1:57 pm

    […] Allegany County is part of the Cumberland area in western Maryland. It is a hilly, rural area, with a population of about 75,000 people. The Allegany County Animal Shelter is the municipal shelter that provides both animal control and animal sheltering services for the county. It has been reported that the shelter had a very high kill rate under former shelter director Camille Carrico. After she left in December of 2010, the shelter reported that the kill rate plummeted. A shelter official blogged in November 2012 that the shelter had an average monthly live release rate of 94%. […]

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