Month: February 2013

Preston County, WV Shelter Manager fired for telling the truth

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Courtney-AustinPreston County, WV is about 60 miles from Allegany County, MD. Unbelievable what is happening to Courtney Austin, a compassionate shelter manager.


Unbelievable:  Preston Co, WV required its shelter employees to work in a facility without heat or water this winter.  In a place that takes in sick, injured and otherwise compromised pets, heat and water are essential for maintaining health and cleanliness.  Never mind that the conditions are sub-standard for the employees and volunteers as well.

Unbelievable-er:  The county recently ordered the shelter to take in 100 dogs, goats, chickens and rabbits from a local seizure.  With no heat or water in the facility!  Which begs the question:  How bad were conditions at the location where the animals were seized?  Because if the place had either heat or water, it was one-up on the county shelter.

Still, the shelter manager, Courtney Austin, did the best she could by issuing a plea on a Facebook page she had started as a means to help network pets at the shelter.  She…

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