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Support Spay/Neuter Program For Maryland (UPDATE)

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UPDATE  3/7/2013:

There are indications that the pet food Industry is rearing it’s ugly head in the State of Maryland. It seems the Pet Food Institute, which is the voice of the pet food industry, has hired a lobbying and communication company for a large scale defamation campaign in order to stop the spay & neuter program in the State of Maryland. The lobbying company, Hubbell Communications, has done the same before in the State of Oregon and also tried in the State of West Virginia. They have created a Facebook page called SPOT Maryland.

Remember, while looking at the Facebook page of SPOT Maryland, they do not speak for the animals. They do, however, speak for the money, regardless where it comes from.


dog-mdEvery year about 96000 pets enter a animal shelter in the State of Maryland. In the average only 50% of this pets will leave Maryland’s  animal shelter alive. The animal shelter in Allegany County is the exception in the State of Maryland with a life release rate of  96% for dogs and 94.5% for cats in the year 2012. Many other animal shelter in the State of Maryland have a life release rate even below 50%.

The No Kill Advocacy Center has developed a 11 step program that animal shelters can implement to safe the lives of animals entering the shelter. One of the steps in the No Kill Equation is a affordable spay & neuter program. Some counties and cities already have a affordable spay & neuter program but many counties, like Allegany County, don’t offer such a program.

The group Maryland Votes for Animals, together with Legislators in Maryland and other groups, has developed and introduced a Bill (SB 820 / HB 767) to the General Assembly in Maryland that would offer a affordable spay & neuter program state wide to everybody. Today, March 5th 2013, is the Bill’s second hearing in the General Assembly in Maryland.

Here a short overview about what the Bill means and does:

The needless and tragic reality of euthanasia in Maryland animal shelters costs Maryland taxpayers $8 to $9 million dollars every year. A state spay/neuter program is the most humane and effective solution to save animals – and money.

The Maryland spay/neuter bill is modeled on the best and most successful programs in the nation, including the New Jersey and New Hampshire programs. New Jersey and New Hampshire have reduced their euthanasia rate by 61% and over 75% respectively.

The bill will generate funding from a manufacturer surcharge on already existing pet food registration fees. The pet food industry is a $20 billion dollar industry with excellent sales projections for future years. Of all the funding mechanisms considered by the Legislative Spay/Neuter Task Force, this source was found to be the most reliable, sustainable and fair. If the manufacturers trickle this down, the maximum impact on individuals would be $0.36/pet/year.

The spay/neuter bill would put a surcharge on the fee that manufacturers must pay to sell pet food in Maryland. If the manufacturers pass this down to the consumer, it would be less than $0.03/month/pet (dogs and cats only).

Only $0.36/pet/year to save thousands of homeless animals who are euthanized in Maryland’s shelters.

Remember, the pet food industry is a $20 billion dollar industry!

In other words, it is a great program that could safe the lives of thousands of pets in the State of Maryland. Please help to support this program by:

Signing the spay & neuter petition

Send a pre-configured message to your Legislator

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