Month: February 2016

Opposing Force

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IMG_0955The Maryland Animal Shelter Standards Act, filed as HB 494, is the most comprehensive animal shelter reform bill in the
history of Maryland. It is a truly bipartisan effort that will save countless animal lives, bring about greater transparency and accountability in taxpayer-funded shelters throughout the state. HB494 will end convenience killing, including making it illegal for shelters to kill animals when rescue groups are willing to save them. Similar laws in other states save nearly 50,000 animals a year, have reduced killing statewide by 78%, have led to save rates of 94% and higher, and have cut millions of dollars in wasteful spending.

The Maryland Animal Shelter Standards Act will help lost and homeless pets to find homes, require commitment to a sound care protocol to guarantee compassionate care for the animals, mandate thorough intake procedure, create Transparency and Accountability.

The question is, why would a national animal welfare organizations like the ASPCA, a state wide organization like PAWS (Professional Animal Shelter Workers of Maryland), Harford County Humane Society, BARCS in Baltimore, Talbot County Humane Society and some other organizations oppose life saving measures? Simply said, this organizations are against ending convenience killing, against compassionate care for animals, against transparency, against accountability. Just recently the above mentioned groups made the following suggestion to be added to HB494:

I would recommend adding a requirement within this bill where shelters must tell the owner that the animal will be euthanized at the time of intake.

This is a very disturbing statement coming from a organization claiming to have the best interest of the animals in mind. How is it in the best interest of a animal to be killed?

The main problem with animal shelters in Maryland is that there is absolutely no oversight and there are no state regulations. Basically animal shelters in Maryland can operate any way they want. Last year, the Maryland Dog Federation has sent PIA (Maryland Public Information Act) requests to all animal shelters in the State of Maryland, requesting shelter intake and outcome data. Several animal shelters did not answer at all to the PIA requests. One of them was the Talbot County Humane Society, one of the main opponents to HB494.

It also should be noted that a member of the PAWS organization made 2 intimidating phone calls to the place of employment of one of the co-authors of HB494. This sure gives the term “Professional” a whole new meaning.

Is it really that difficult and complicated to implement HB494 in a animal shelter? No, not at all. As example, the Allegany County Animal Shelter exceeds the requirements of HB494 for about 5 years now. The Allegany County Animal Shelter, located in the poorest County of the State, is the first and only open admission No Kill shelter in the State of Maryland. The story of the Allegany County Animal Shelter has been captured in a Documentary in 2013 and maybe some of the answers can be found there: